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Dear Reader, It depends on what is causing your inability to keep anything down. While a common cause is a gastrointestinal virus, without a diagnosis from a health care provider, it is possible that your constant upheaval could be caused by multiple things: food poisoning, a migraine, motion sickness, recent exposure to general anesthesia, rotavirus, and alcohol use, to name a few. A related discussion, cant keep food dowm was started. Bekkimcq. A related discussion, can't keep food down was started. Doninphila. Had a similar situation. I had blown out my stomach using asprins. Went to a Chinese doctor and was given 12 different herbs to take every day. Within 6 hours of taking the first dose I was able to hold down food.

My dog can't keep any food down. It has been happing off and on for the past week. Last night he made the two biggest piles od puke I,ve ever seen. He will eat all food I give him, but then he will go out side eat some grass then come back inside and puke. At first I was not that worried about it. Aug 02,  · My elderly cat can’t keep any food down. Help! August 2, By: The Paws and Effect Gang 16 Comments. Before we begin this week’s column, we’d like to give a giant Happy Birthday purr to our great-great auntie cat, Asti, who just turned 19 yesterday. That’s like 92 in human years! Many happy returns, Asti — and Mama sends lots of.

Jun 26,  · 9 Reasons Why My Cat Can’t Keep Food Down. Jane Miller June 26, Cat Health Leave a Comment. Last updated: June 26, What goes in must stay in, right? That’s a no-brainer, you’d say, and you’d be right, yes? Well – yes, most of the time, but these are cats we’re talking about, and they don’t always do what they’re. What Should I Eat if I Can Not Keep Anything in My Stomach? By Jill Corleone No matter what the cause, when you're feeling sick to your stomach, eating may be the furthest thing from your mind. you should avoid full-strength sports drinks and any other overly sweet foods when you're having difficulty holding food down. To improve your.

Aug 21,  · Cat can't hold down food, constant vomiting Discussion in 'Cat Health' started by thrasymachus, Aug 1, Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > She couldn't keep food down. I took her to the vet after a few days and they gave some de-worming meds and some medicine to help with any blockages. I could not afford the tests they said they needed to take to. Jul 14,  · My dog keeps vomiting and cant keep anything down, Customer Question You need to allow th intestional tract to recover for hours and allow no food or water. Then start with a couple tablespoons of water to see if this is tolerable. my dog has been vomiting and has diahera his ears are cold cant keep even water down. he sounds.