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Define eclosion. eclosion synonyms, eclosion pronunciation, eclosion translation, English dictionary definition of eclosion. n. The emergence of an adult insect from a pupal case or an insect larva from an egg. n the emergence of an insect larva from the egg or an adult from the. The emergence of an adult insect from a pupa or a larvae (or nymph) from an egg is called eclosion. Adults of diurnal insects (such as butterflies and dragonflies) often emerge at dawn whereas nocturnal insects (such as many mosquitoes) eclose at night. A photograph of a .

Eclosion definition, the emergence of an adult insect from its pupal case. See more. Dec 01,  · By manipulating the time of eclosion, we demonstrate that some physiological process tightly coupled to adult ecdysis releases the block on wing expansion. Eclosion thus serves as a behavioral checkpoint and complements hormonal mechanisms to ensure that wing expansion strictly follows eclosion in the ecdysis by: 3.

Eclosion of Papilio dardanus. Emergence The pupa is the stage between the larva and adult stages. The chrysalis generally refers to a butterfly pupa although the term may be misleading as there are some moths whose pupae resembles a chrysalis, e.g.: the plume winged moths of the family Pterophoridae and some geometrid moths. A cocoon is a. May 07,  · Although the egg load at eclosion and the potential lifetime fecundity of insects typically increase intraspecifically with adult body size, the ovigeny index is a relative measure of investment in early reproduction that controls for total lifetime egg production, and hence can trade-off with other life-history traits (Jervis & Ferns ).Cited by:

9 Photoperiod and Temperature Effects on the Adult Eclosion and 10 Mating Rhythms in Pseudopidorus fasciata (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae) 11 Shaohui Wu,1,2 Roberto Refinetti,3 Loke T. Kok,4 Roger R. Youngman,4 Gadi V.P. Reddy,5 12 Fang-Sen Xue1,6 13 1 Institute of Entomology, Jiangxi Agricultural University, Nanchang , P. R. China. Aug 06,  · Abstract. In addition to photoperiod, thermoperiod (or thermocycle) might be an important Zeitgeber for entraining the circadian oscillator controlling adult eclosion rhythm in the Indian meal moth Plodia interpunctella Hübner (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). This is confirmed by exposing larvae receiving diapause-preventing treatments to various thermocycles with different means and amplitudes of.