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The final adult coloration depends on the genotype of the dragon or in other words, the parents and grandparents. What is a Super Citrus Bearded Dragon? Super Citrus was the name created by Fire and Ice Dragons to distinguish our line of purebred hypomelanistic dragons from other mixed morphs that display a yellow color. Mar 17,  · Cheese had a rough start but has bounced back really well! More Information Below ——————————————— Always purchase dragons who are older than 3 months.

Aug 05,  · Bearded Dragon Poop Green, What it Means As long as the urates are white and the poop isn’t super runny or reek to the high heavens, this most likely is nothing to worry about. Green bearded dragon poop is typically just the result of something in their Stacey. Sexing Your Adult Bearded Dragon Please feel free to request a male or female lizard (or any combination thereof) when you order our medium and adult sized animals, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee the sex. However, we can guarantee that someone very experienced with reptiles will attempt to select the specific lizard(s) you are requesting.

The name Bearded Dragon comes from their ability to puff or flare out the skin under their throats, often darkening the skin to a black color, which looks like a beard. Adult male Bearded Dragons can be territorial and should be housed separately. Do not house different reptile species together. Diurnal - Awake during the day, sleep at night. Bearded Dragon Size Based on Sex Like a majority of animals, the males are generally larger than females. So if your bearded dragon is a male Learn how to tell if a bearded dragon is male or female. your dragon will likely grow to be a larger dragon.

Bearded Dragons for Sale Use this page to view bearded dragons for sale by owners, breeders, and pet stores. You can sort the results by date added, sex, age, seller, and more by using the search settings above the results. View bearded dragons for sale by breeders, individuals, and pet shops below. Want to Sell Your Bearded Dragon? Jun 29,  · Female bearded dragon names. Our rescued beardie came home as a full size adult. But most owners pick up their new reptiles as infants, and when it comes to baby bearded dragon names you normally want to have something as sweet as their tiny toes. Green bearded dragon Lucy Easton.