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Take a look at these 50 sites for serious and educational games you can play. No matter what you may be studying in college, there is a good chance that these educational games can enhance your learning or help you teach others. Funbrain is the leader in online educational interactive content, with hundreds of free games, books & videos for kids of all ages. Check out Funbrain here.

Free Online Games; two player games and solitaire games online. Educational value in a fun environment. The Problem Site. Quote Puzzler. Tile Puzzler. Login Match color, font, and letter in this strategy game Entrapment. Trap all the dots in this problem-solving puzzle Blogs on . Adult Learning Games. Games aren't only for kids. Games are more engaging than most forms of learning, and can help crystallize knowledge in a way that other methods simply cannot.

May 28,  · Lots people want to get started with game based learning, gamification and serious games in their training. We’ve been curating game related content for several years while conducting our own research and case studies. Here are articles related to games and learning.