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While entrants to the labor market will continue to have high levels of education, the increase in levels of education completed is expected to slow. As this trend materializes across the globe, we reach an important turning point where education’s contribution to economic growth may slow. Ault Literacy Development and Economic Growth 7. A small percentage of this population performed at the lowest (Below Basic) level, and a small percentage scored at the highest proficiency level (Proficient). Most of the LSAL population scored at the Basic and Intermediate levels.

An economy in which employers treat education as an asset is often referred to as a knowledge-based economy. Like any decision, investing in education involves an opportunity cost for the worker. Countries with a higher GDP tend to have on average higher life expectancy, adult literacy rates and political and civil liberties - some important indicators of well-being and quality of life. However this does not necessarily mean these benefits have been caused by economic growth - the causality could be running the other way.

Here are five things you should know about the pivotal role of education in economic development: Education is an investment The importance of knowledge and learning has been recognized since the beginning of time. Plato wrote: “If a man neglects education, he walks lame to the end of his life.” But it was really the Nobel winning economists that put the argument of education as investment. The indirect impact of education on non-economic benefits is also examined in the context of the tech-nological, spatial and environmental gains to society. It is concluded that, overall, the impact of invest-ment in education and training on national economic growth is positive and significant. Some policy.

Advocates of tax cuts claim that a reduction in the tax rate will lead to increased economic growth and prosperity. Others claim that if we reduce taxes, almost all of the benefits will go to the rich, as those are the ones who pay the most taxes. What does economic theory suggest about the relationship between economic growth and taxation? Analysts watch economic growth to discover what stage of the business cycle the economy is in. The best phase is expansion. This is when the economy is growing in a sustainable fashion. If growth is too far beyond a healthy growth rate, it overheats. That creates an asset bubble. This is what happened to the housing sector in