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Mar 10,  · Starting with simple waddle walking to impaired and crawling and then in one heavy application if one is on one's back you become almost turtle like and can not roll over let alone crawl away. Even more exciting when wearing padded mittens and escape becomes. Jun 15,  · AutieAB. Before you put the diaper on, try gently folding it lengthways in half to create a valley shape through the crotch area of the diaper. That should help the diaper occupy a narrower space between your legs (at the expense of hanging down a bit further). But really, if you wear thick diapers on a 35" waist, you're gonna waddle.

Feb 06,  · Does anyone else like to feel even more like a baby/toddler with a little babyish waddle? It just feels like when Im in my diapy I just must waddle hehe, of course thats the case when I am in a thick diaper. But its odd I seem to waddle even when I dont have a diaper on, but am feeling like bei. Nov 12,  ·: Adult Baby - AB is a sexual fetish that involves role-playing a regression to an infant-like state.: Diaper Lover - A DL has a sexual fetish in which a they feel a desire to wear or use diapers.: Ageplay is a form of roleplaying in which an individual acts or treats another as if they were a different age. The practice can be regressive, in.

Adult Sissy Baby Waddle Diaper for the Adult Baby Diaper Lover. Diaper is made for the fantasy purpose of waddling like a baby. They are made with an elastic waistband for your comfort along with Velcro closings at sides. This Waddle Diaper is custom made. YOU MUST PROVIDE ME WITH YOUR ACTUAL WAIST/5(27). Apr 01,  · Ebay 26 Layer Adult Baby Diaper Waddle Like Never Before ohhhhh my allstatecareeredu.info crazy. FANCY PANTS DIAPERS CUSTOM ADULT BABY DIAPERS 26 LAYER 16 INCH SUPER CROTCH your choice on CROTCH from 10 inch up to 16 inch as always I make it your way WITH EXTRA PADDING ON THE SIDES TO MAKE ITAuthor: Damon.