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kneed adult - Explainer: what causes knock knees and do they have to be treated?

Oct 06,  · Knock knees, also known as genu valgum, is a type of knee alignment seen when a child (or adult) stands up straight with their knees together, but their feet and ankles stay Joshua Burns, Verity Pacey. For adults, being slightly knock kneed is a normal variation in alignment; many adults are somewhat knock kneed. This is rarely a problem, and surgery or physical therapy is seldom undertaken to correct it. However, severe knock knees in adults can lead to further problems. What causes knock knees?

Although many children outgrow Knock Knee the age of 7 or 8 children can also develop Knock Knee when they are experiencing puberty. As a child begins to grow and develop, their weight falls on the outside of their knee joint. When this happens, they may become Knock-Kneed. After they are finishing developing, their legs usually straighten out. Cats begin kneading as tiny kittens, even before their eyes open. Placing their paws around their mom-cat's nipples, they quickly learn that the pressure stimulates the flow of milk. Kneading other objects never brings forth a squirt of milk, but the memory of that tasty reward stays with cats.