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Children’s Host Home; In-Home Services; Transitional Services; Services for Youth with Autism; Youth with Brain, Spinal Cord and Medically Complex Injury and Illness; Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Host Home; Community-based Residences; Day Programs; Vocational Services; Hourly Support; Services for Adults with Autism; Case Management. Any program for adults with autism must consider the type of training and activities needed to assist that person in reaching his/her goals. Our residential care for this unique population is tailored to their needs and interests. Life skills training and possible placement into jobs for our residents with autism. From tips on grooming, to fitness and exercise—residents with autism receive a variety of life-skills-based training.

Day Programs for Graduates Who Remain at Home. Easterseals services for younger adults can offer respite for family members responsible for a relative with ASD who lives at home. Easterseals day programs are designed for people with autism whose primary needs are for socialization, recreation and community involvement. Apr 11,  · Microsoft recently established a pilot program that hires autistic adults for coding, software programming and math jobs. Spectrum Careers Established to Match Employers with Autism Workers. Rangam Consultants and Autism Speaks teamed up to create Spectrum Careers, a program that matches employers with workers on the autism spectrum.

Dec 22,  · Yet despite support from vocational rehabilitation programs, people with autism receive low wages and limited working hours, the report suggests. Something needs to change. Tricky transition. The breakdown in employment programs for people with autism begins in high school. The school district in which Elijah was a student provided him with no connection to adult service . Bancroft provides community and specialized living options for adults with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Welcome to the Adult Services section of the website. It is divided into 4 sections: autism and employment, housing and community living, postsecondary education, and Adult Services Grants. Aug 23,  · That means that 45, to 50, kids with autism turn 18 each year, says autism researcher Paul Shattuck, from Washington University in St. Louis. "This is an impending health care or community care crisis," said Dr. Joseph Cubells, director of medical and adult services at the Emory Autism Center Author: Healthday.