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Jan 23,  · Although the average body temperature is °F (37°C), your normal body temperature might be slightly higher or lower. Here’s what you need to Carly Vandergriendt. A German doctor in the 19 th century set the standard at F, For a typical adult, body temperature can be anywhere from 97 F to 99 F. Babies and children have a little higher range: F.

Taking the body temperature of an adult is one of the most basic ways of determining her general health. As one of the primary vital signs, body temperature is a standard gauge used in medicine. Knowing normal and abnormal body temperatures is important in properly reading and interpreting the results when using a thermometer. Temperature examination in the rectum is the traditional gold standard measurement used to estimate core temperature (oral temperature is affected by hot or cold drinks and mouth-breathing). Rectal temperature is expected to be approximately one Fahrenheit degree higher than an oral temperature taken on the same person at the same time.

A normal oral temperature for a resting, healthy adult is about °F (37°C) (for someone over 70 normal temp is °F (36°C)). Your temperature can go up or down 1 to 2 degrees throughout the day. Fever is a sign of inflammation or infection and is a common symptom of illness. Fever is not a disease. Information and conversion charts of human body temperatures including normal, high and low readings. Temperature for a healthy baby is 97 to degrees. Normal body temperature for children is about 37°C (°F). Did you know normal human body temperature is also known as normothermia or Author: Disabled World.

SATP - Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure. SATP - Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure is also used in chemistry as a reference: SATP - Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure is a reference with temperature of 25 o C ( K) and pressure of kPa. At these conditions, the volume of 1 mol of a gas is liters. Search the Healthwise Knowledgebase. Help: Healthwise Index: Topic Contents. Topic Overview; Related Information; Credits; This information does not replace the advice of a docto.