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Jul 05,  · Which country/city has the most transgendered people (shemales)? if you know which country or have an experience with travel please share it as well. Follow. 10 answers Report Abuse. The Philippines have over-all more trans-gender people than Thailand, but they are spread all over the country while in Thailand they're concentrated in Status: Open. Shemales are not the same as intersexed or transsexual persons. Thus no, shemales at most will have breasts with male genitalia.

of course Argentina just take a look at Carito, Yanina, Nicole and all the others they are completely beautiful i agree that aBrazil has nice tgirls but Argentina´s are the preatyest. Nov 06,  · Whether they are searching for ladyboys, shemales, transsexuals, tgirls, or any other slang one thing is for sure: many people wonder where can you find the sexiest ladyboys in the world. Post-op or pre-op transsexuals, it doesn’t seem to matter. People have a fascination with them and want to see them as often as they can.

Aug 11,  · This saying is arguable because there are some countries in Europe that have tremendous amounts of ladyboys. It is clear that the number of shemales grows day by day. They are widely spread in the USA, the EU, North America, and Southeast Asia. The number of shemales in other regions of the world is not big. XVIDEOS Here She is - The Most Beautiful Shemale EVER free.