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Super Fly: Materials - Streamers Bass Bugs Nymphs Display Flies Tying tools and accessories Materials Tying Thread Hooks Instructional DVDs Cohen's Creatures Gift Certificates Spawn Fly Heads Super Fly custom fly tying Pro Staff Peak Vises Clear Cure Goo. The method of tying the weighted dumbbell eyes on top of the hook shank is very beneficial because it lets the fly ride over and between rocks and logs with less chances of snagging. In the early spring during pre-spawn fishing when a person needs to fish slow and near the bottom, this fly is hard to beat.

I tied a handful a couple of years ago using a black cone head, a plain black rabbit zonker strip and was tied on a heavy black hook. That particular fly forms the base for this Mundane Clam Worm. I originally used the black Tiemco TMC hook, but you can change the hook to the Mundane Fly Project's Kamasan B or any short shank saltwater hook, which is easier to find. The Weekly Fly - This website allows you to search by fly name, fly tier or by the targeted species of fish. Fly Tying: The Angler's Art - LeRoy Hyatt and Carolyn Sells describe how and why certain patterns attract different fish, tying techniques, the use of materials and presentation of flies.

Step 9: Apply a little coat of super glue to the shank. Palmer the rabbit strip up the shank with slight overlapping wraps. Tip: Before palmering the rabbit up the shank, slide the Head onto the fly and advance your thread so that it is 1/4” into the head. This gives .