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Feb 14,  · yep, will numb the penis also. however there are ways to get ready for anal sex. Although it's a book for gay men, check out the Joy of Gay Sex and read the chapter on preparing for anal sex. It's probably on your local library's shelf and if not do an inter-library loan (your library will borrow it from another library), or allstatecareeredu.infolowers: 3. Apr 06,  · Itchy and burning sensations are usually a moment spoiler, specially when you are trying to improve the comfort of Anal sex. Anal Numbing products can numb a Cock Unless your skin and/or anal lining absorbs all the anesthetic it will also numb any other skin that comes into contact with it.

Anal numbing lube is a lot like cilantro in that the opinions about it are very strong and very divided. Nobody seems to have a centrist's point of view about numbing lube- it's pure love or pure hate. If you ask one person what they think about it, they will regale . Anal Eze is latex condom safe. Active ingredient: Benzocaine. oz Tube Will Not Damage Latex Condoms. Anal Eze (sometimes misspelled as Anal Ease, Anal Ese, or Anal Eaze) is a product that has built a reputation over the years as the go-to anal numbing lubricant for couples who want to more easily facilitate anal sex/5(18).

Anal sex is tough to begin with, and learning to relax your anal muscles can be a challenge enough. Being able to control these muscles is important, and using an anal relaxant along the way can help give you that extra control to ease you into the new experience of having anal sex. What are the best Anal . Relax Your Butt Muscles For More Enjoyable Anal Sex! A customer favorite for over 10 years, Anal-Ese takes all the apprehension and anxiety out of anal so you can focus on the pleasure! • Relaxes your muscles and lightly numbs your nerves for greater comfort • Lightly rub a small dab in and around the anal area about minutes in advance/5().