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An orphan finds a woman in need. Pretty much what the title says. Sex-mad woman dresses as nun and screws all night. The edges of darkness and light are difficult to discern. The nun goes back for more and gets used. and other exciting erotic at! She had first come to the convent-school as a young girl of twelve and, when her schooling had finished, it was the most natural thing for her to don the white habit and veil of a novice. Now, only eighteen months later, she was preparing to take her final vows and, even though she was now almost twenty, she retained the innocence and naivety.

Moira Lyttle was a classic Irish lass. Her flame-red hair fell in wavy rings to her waist. Her body was lithe, her skin milky-white and free of blemishes beyond a light dusting of freckles at shoulders, on the tops of her flawless breasts, and across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Someone else is here for dinner. Nun threatens to tell parents about modeling. The Reverend takes an Elf as a pet. Kristanna finds more about her origins and powers. Short, curvy blonde nun spanks tall Black priest. and other exciting erotic at!

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The order was solely dedicated to prayer. Men in the form of priests were only ever allowed into the convent's precincts to perform communion on special holy days or to administer last rights to a dying sister. Even confessions were done through a hole in the wall to a small building next door where the priest would wait. Convent guests expected, and got, beautiful, voluptuous women, with whom anything could be performed. Several whips were always stocked in each room, and guests could avail themselves of choice, erotic, entertainment, for hours on end. Sister Evangeline was exhausted, and the whip marks on her ass still stung like crazy.