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Aug 21,  · I am back everyone. And, I wanted to start my come back off with a topic that many people find fairly controversial or risky. Wearing diapers at the beach. Wearing an adult diaper at the beach is probably one of the ultimate levels of acceptance. If you think to yourself that you are completely comfortable wearing diapers and don’t care too much what others think, then take the “diaper. Nov 25,  · Baby Potty Training - Elimination Communication - Potty Train is basically being very aware and attentive of your baby's pee pee and poo poo timings and signals, then letting them do their.

Only Uses Potty When Pants Are Off. At around two he was completely potty trained as long as he was naked. He virtually never had accidents. I'm getting frustrated with changing poopy training pants and having the disposable diapers fall off from being put on and off so many times to pee (of course they fall off when he poops, so it. Naked time can be a really beneficial strategy for potty training. For some kids, it really gives them that ah-ha moment of what happens when they go pee or when they go poop. Naked time simply allows your child to go without a diaper for a period of time, with the hope that they are going to see what happens and what comes out.

Aug 13,  · Zac and couper July This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Is potty training in cloth diapers really all that different from disposable diapers? but don’t really wanna invest in money in them if he’s just going to decide one day that he’s done with cloth diapers and will use the potty. (That would be my luck) @Elizabeth_k–we also just took off diapers at Author: Amalah.