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The Truth About Babymaking Sex Are you getting frustrated with limited positions and scheduling sex so that it's best for conception? Find out how babymaking sex can be as hot as Deborah Gaines. Sure, you know the basics about how babies are made – a man and woman have sex and nine months later, a beautiful baby is born. But there's actually a lot more to it than that. Here are all the fascinating biological facts about getting pregnant. For women, a potential pregnancy begins in the.

Sperm counts may actually be lower if men ejaculate too often. On the other hand, if men don’t ejaculate for weeks, the sperm are relatively old and may not be as capable of swimming and fertilizing an egg. So many experts have concluded that sex every other day—and not more than once a Author: The Bump Editors. Ava Cadell, spokesperson for The Experience Channel and renowned love and sex therapist, says that reaching orgasm is even more important in terms of baby making than the position you do the deed.